Exif_JPEG_PICTURESumangalamata’s Resume

Summary: Sumangalamata (600 BC) paved the way for all women to exit oppressive relationships and disrupt the patriarchal system through her spirituality. Whenever we see a woman in a religious leadership position we must honor Sumangalamata for trailblazing the spiritual realm. Whenever we see one of our sisters free herself from the binds of an oppressive male we must honor Sumangalamata for teaching women around the world that it could be done. We must honor Sumangalamata each and every day for showing the world that women are independent creatures.

Qualifications: Sumangalamata was a Buddhist priestess as well as a writer. She began to unravel the patriarchal system in which men were the head of the family and the religious sphere. By leaving this system she proved that women could have a successful society of their own, and she exemplified that women were single entities that did not need to be attached to a man. Sumangalamata also trail blazed the spiritual and intellectual realm by teaching Buddhist scripture  to other women of similar situations and by writing poetry.

Experience: Sumangalamata has experience as a religious and community leader, and has excellent communication skills as shown through her writing.

Education: The exact source of Sumangalamata’s education is not known, however, it is apparent she was educated in Buddhist scripture as well as having learned how to read and write.

Awards and Recognition: Sumangalamata’s poetry has been widely distributed and regarded as a masterpiece of her time, and is still an emblem of womens independence in Southern Asian.

Accomplishments: Sumangalamata divorced her husband, which was an almost impossible task and was able to create such meaningful poetry that it is still used centuries later to understand the condition of an oppressed woman.

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